First of all welcome!

First of all welcome!

Things I will write about in this letter:

  • Analysis of the economy and the stock market.
  • Crypto market.
  • Trading ideas.
  • Some philosophy ideas from time to time.

Things I will not focus on:

  • I will not do technical analysis on charts.
  • I will not examine in much detail all the financial data from the companies, I will extract what data I think is relevant.
  • I do not day trade.

Let’s start

Portfolio strategy overview:

  • Portfolio structure: Long / Short Equities. Some forex pairs from time to time.
  • The time horizon for my trade ideas is 2 - 6 months, for the most part.
  • Only in situations in which expected volatility is very high, I will have a shorter time horizon (1-2 weeks).
  • Hard stop losses on trades.

My posts are my personal opinions.

When I will analyze a stock I will disclose if I have an open position at the moment of posting.

However, my posts are not financial advice, it’s only my own opinions. Do your own research and analysis.

Keep this in mind when you read my posts.


What is a “Long / Short Equities portfolio structure“?

What is a “Trade ideas time horizon“?

What is a “Hard stop”?